Last Updated: September 17th, 2022

All stories in the Vacioseite will culminate in The Brotherblade Trilogy of films, to be produced in 20+ years time.

Leading up to the events of that trilogy, there are several carefully-curated pillars of story which inform this grand finale and they are broken into three major scales.

The Critical Arcana are absolutely mandatory in order to understand the Brotherblade Trilogy; all productions inform the high level, streamlined story of the Vacioseite.

The Major Arcana sheds further supplemental light on the Critical stories and are highly recommended.

The Minor Arcana grant even further, granular detail and context but also consists of many small productions that do not singularly hold any integral information or lore.

The Critical Arcana: the primary, foundational sagas of the Vacioseite

  • The KEEPER Sequence
    • KEEPER: The Welcome (Visual Album)
    • KEEPER: Gelbrot (Visual Album)
    • KEEPER: Tryptichon (Visual Album)
    • KEEPER: Aderlass (Visual Album)
  • The Clockwork Duel Sequence
    • Clockwork Duel (Novel 1)
    • Clockwork Siege (Novel 2)
    • Clockwork War (Novel 3)
    • Clockwork Conquest (Novel 4)
    • Clockwork Doom (Novel 5)
  • The Splinterforge Sequence
    • Death’s Eve (Novel 1)
    • Mistburner (Novel 2)
    • Withermere (Novel 3)
    • Dreamslayer (Novel 4)
    • Splinterforge (Novel 5)
  • The Purpose Opus
    • Shades of Maybe (Novel)
    • Fade and Dither (Novel)
    • Bandit in Simony (Novel)
  • Soulrank (Video Game)
  • The Sinner’s Game (Film)
  • Dreamtide (Novel)
  • Ichor (Video Game)
  • Vidame (Web Series)
  • Endling (Short Story Collection)
  • Captain Playground Trilogy
    • Captain Playground (Film 1)
    • Captain Playground 2: Vector of Annihilation (Film 2)
    • Captain Playground 3: Schism (Film 3)

The Major Arcana: the secondary, supporting sagas of the Vacioseite

  • The Splintershade Sequence
    • Dougie’s Phantasm
      • Beyond Slumber: Prelude to a Nightmare (Video Game)
      • Dougie’s Worst Nightmare (Video Game)
      • Dougie’s Dimensions of Doom (Video Game)
      • Dougie’s Catharsis (Video Game)
      • Various Spinoffs
    • Super Awesome Best Friends
      • Shadows of the Union (Video Game)
      • EndiKombat (Video Game)
      • Streets of Victory (Video Game)
      • Various Spinoffs
  • The Scarlet Saga
    • Scarlet (Film)
    • Ace of Spades (Film)
    • Death by Twilight (Film)
    • Tears of the Blessed (Film)
  • The Dvandva Triplicate
    • Emerald Links (Film)
    • Kill Appeal (Film)
    • Freedom’s Cowl (Film)
  • A Psycho’s Breakfast (Novel)
  • Horror Vacui (Short Story Collection)
  • Book of Anguish (Short Story Collection)
  • The Abbadon Ardent
    • Imperfect Ink (Illustrated Novel)
    • Of Verdant Tilt (Illustrated Novel)
    • Comes the Aether (Illustrated Novel)
    • In Mystic Familiar (Illustrated Novel)
    • Ashes of Soul (Illustrated Novel)
    • Hearth’s Rive (Illustrated Novel)
  • The Gray Out There (Novel)
  • The Tale of Greenpalm Orlov (Children’s Book)
    • (Released as part of the novel Cabal, Circus, Cruel Devices)
  • Torpornadel (Short Film)
  • The Legend of Aire
    • Midmoon Aster (Novel)
    • Phantom Drench (Novel)
    • Enkindled Soul (Novel)
  • Cerae (Video Game)
  • The Gray Out There (Novel)

The Minor Arcana: the tertiary, underlying sagas of the Vacioseite

  • This level consists of every production not listed in the two scales above. While every story has its place and purpose in the greater tapestry of the Vacioseite, those looking for a streamlined telling of the overarching tale of the universe will find a satisfying story arc by engaging in the Critical and Major Arcanum. The Minor Arcana seek to fill in underlying details and bring greater comprehensive context to the Vacioseite as a whole; or to simply exist purely as entertainment set within the universe’s vast sandbox.

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