The Vacioseite is the collective creative universe for all stories, concepts, and productions across all mediums originally created by Douglas Harvey. Despite the range of diverse genres and styles, all stories that populate the Vacioseite are connected via a unifying mythology.

The universe itself is a place of mystery, betrayal, and sins of the selfish, arrogant power aggregation of its pillars of cosmic governance. Six focal aspects of raw elemental force called Viswesen exist in the Vacioseite, each personified by a Viator – a God-like being acting as that power’s herald.

A mysterious cosmic being wanders the Vacioseite, wondering at the many goings-on and goings-off of the universe’s myriad conflicts. He is clad in black robes, golden veins of riven skin splintering his body, a mask made of obsidian with two serpent-like ribbons of red and yellow fabric billowing from the mask cap.

Though many have seen him, though few have spoken to him, and though none know of his true intentions, this being will endeavor to try harder at reconciling the Task & Purpose of his existence while keeping a particular, almost obsessive interest in The Everroar – the prophecised cataclysmic end of the Vacioseite.

But who is he? What is his story? Who has he manipulated in order to achieve his endgame?

That is for you to discover.

Wander. Wonder. Try Harder.

Such is the hymn of the Vacioseite. The phrase reverberates throughout the universe, lilting to the shade of lost war drums. Could it be a message of hope? Or is it the resounding screams from the Vacioseite’s annihilation?

Because of the scope of the Vacioseite’s grand tapestry, all stories within the universe are intertextual in such a way that they inform and bring new layers of meaning and purpose to other stories that have no otherwise direct connection.

It is not required to experience the Vacioseite in a predetermined order, with the exception of The Brotherblade Trilogy – the grand finale of the Vacioseite story which will reveal itself in 15-20 years – and will rely on previous Critical Arcanum knowledge.

Until that time, you may take your first steps into the universe in any order you like. The only requirement is that any sequence you experience is done so in that sequence’s established order of continuity.